The Solar Process

Smooth from start to finish

As an independent Powur Seller,  were able to provide our customers with the best service providers in the industry. We are authorized dealers for many of the same companies that you may already know. We are a full solution from financing to battery storage. Check out our client testimonials.

Energy Report and Design

We'll start by analyzing your current electrical usage, calculate for any expected expansion of energy usage and our team of engineers will draft up your savings report and preliminary design to show the homeowners.

Site Approval

After we've designed the system to ensure the best setup and savings for the homeowners, we schedule the site survey. The site survey is set to verify condition of the roof and current electrical panels. After approval, the job moves to permitting before we can schedule install.

We take care of all the permitting and applications to connect your system to the grid. We have a whole team dedicated to keeping your project moving along.


Installation typically can be done in a single day, sometimes two, unless you have a larger system. beyond your product warranty. We use only the best installers in every region that we operate. Highly vetted installers with top tier installers.


The last step to freeing yourself from the chains of the local utility company. No more unpredictable bills. Your first solar payment will start no sooner than 30 days after installation is approved by code and interconnected with your local utility. You are now a SOURCE for power and not an energy draw!