Howard Solar Connect


Power from the utility companies is continually on the rise. With 14.9% increase in electric charges and more people generating their own power rather than buying from the utility. The cost the utility company spends to Go Green is left on the remaining utility users. The time to go solar and evade the greedy hands of energy conglomerates is now. There will be no better time to go solar, it is currently better than it will ever be. As solar is adopted by more and more, the incentives will continue to decrease. Going solar is not about saving a little each month rather turning what is currently a liability (bill) into an asset that not only produces your own power, but can also build energy credits with your local utility.

Howard Solar Connect partners with  SEP - Solar Energy Partners to provide top tier service from top lenders and installers in the nation. We offer customers with purchasing option from leading lenders, top of the line battery options and the best installers across the nation to provide the perfect match for your specific situation. We can service 31 of 50 states currently and expanding.

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